03. O!

O: the practice of worship and awe, awakening to the beauty, mystery, and joy of God.


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  1. Here’s a song that tries to express the “O” of worship and awe:

  2. A Prayer

    O how good you are, Living God of Life!
    O how kind!
    O how wise!
    O how powerful! Wonderful! Full!
    O, how each good word that comes to mind
    Catches fire when I hold it up to you!
    Holy, holy, holy!
    Worthy, worthy, worthy!
    O, hallelujah! O!

    To know you is to love you.
    To ponder you is to love you.
    To believe in you,
    Even to wish for you in disbelief,
    Is to love you.
    O, Love.
    O, Light.
    O, Father, Mother, Source, Creator, Giver of life.
    O, Teacher, Guide, Protector, Liberator, Healer, Restorer!
    O, Compassionate Companion,
    O Constant Presence,
    O, Abiding Strength,
    O, Faithful Friend,
    O, Shaper of Beauty,
    O, Purifying Fire,
    To name you is to love you.
    And to be in awe of you as the one beyond all names
    Is to love you too.

    O God of our ancestors,
    O God of now,
    O God of our descendants,
    O Ever-living Everlasting God,
    How can we speak, knowing that nothing we say
    Is worthy of your infinite splendor …
    And yet how can we be silent, in front of this,
    Your glory?

    O! You! O!

  3. “God of the Water and Land”
    (Tune: “Lord of All Hopefulness”)

    God of the water and God of the land,
    Work in us now and help us be Your hands,
    Faithfully tending the seeds that we’ve sown –
    In Your great garden, we’re never alone.

    God of all rhythm and God of all time,
    Sing on the earth and make ev’ry verse rhyme.
    Move through Your children and carry the song;
    In ev’ry new moment, help us sing along.

    God of the galaxies, God of the stars,
    No light is beyond You, no darkness too far;
    surpassing our knowledge and wildest dreams,
    Your love knows no bounds and Your mercy exceeds.

    God of each moment and God of each day,
    Through joys and through sorrows, Your presence remains.
    Walk with us and guide us and open our minds,
    that in all our searching it’s You that we find.

  4. “Ancient Spirit, Modern Wonder”
    (Tune: “Come Thou Fount”)

    Ancient Spirit, Modern Wonder,
    We have come to praise Your name.
    Presence known in calm and thunder,
    Ever-changing, still the same.
    Into being You have sung us,
    Loving all as if Your own,
    Love embodied, lived among us,
    Made to us God fully known.

    Beating Heart of all Creation,
    working in and through all things.
    Earth cries out for Your salvation,
    Freedom which our hands can bring.
    Countless colors bless our vision,
    Reminiscent of Your face,
    They remind us of our mission:
    Show the world Your love and grace.

    Parent of all generations,
    Peace you promise; peace you bring.
    Yet war rages through the nations;
    Draw us close beneath your wings.
    Help us see Your paths of justice,
    Lead us to Your ways of peace:
    That we help our neighbors trust us,
    That our fighting e’er will cease.

    Quenching Water, Calming Spirit,
    Lay your touch on those in pain.
    Work through us to bring your Kin-dom
    Wash us in Your healing rain.
    God, immerse us in your Presence,
    Show us ways to welcome all.
    Come and fill us with Your essence,
    Breaking down divisive walls.

    Joyous Mover, Festive Dancer,
    All Creation sings for joy
    As we seek to find the answers
    to the questions we employ.
    Grant us meaning in our searching,
    Give us strength in times of doubt.
    Throughout life, You are emerging;
    Holy wisdom you draw out.

  5. “All-Present, All-Visible”
    (Tune: “Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise”)

    All-present, all-visible, Source of all life,
    Within and around us, through joy and through strife.
    Most Sacred, Eternal, You move on the earth,
    You beckon and call forth new life and new birth.

    Enlivened, extravagant, Sower of seeds,
    Abundant, abounding, Your mercy exceeds.
    Unhindered, unbridled, you shine forth your grace,
    That we may do likewise, revealing Your face.

    You care for Creation, O Mother of all,
    Great mountains, clear waters, and flowers so small.
    The earth is Your temple, for all life to share,
    So help us be stewards of healing and care.

    Transcendent, uncharted, and still close at hand,
    Encompassing people from near and far lands.
    Within each new moment, throughout life and death,
    Your praises are sung out from all that has breath!

  6. Here’s a creed a wrote for a new worship service we are starting in a local coffee shop. However, while some content is specific most is pretty universal. I think the text might be easily adapted for use elsewhere in worship. Think it fits under “O!”

    Can either do it as litany (people read the short statements — and maybe everyone reads the first one so people understand) or it could all be read in unison.

    More background on our setting and how this “creed” came to be at:


    “The Village Creed”
    By Alan B. Ward

    We are The Village!

    We are a community committed to loving God and loving one another.

    We are Trinity people.

    We believe in Father, Son, and Spirit. We are caught in a downpour of God’s love that floods our souls and flows to a thirsty world.

    We are Emmanuel people.

    We believe God was, is, and forever will be with us. Nothing we do can ever earn or ever separate us from God’s love.

    We are Incarnation people.

    We believe that through Jesus, God got his hands dirty. He lived among us and showed us what we can become and still lives today in the hearts of all who believe.

    We are Kingdom people.

    We believe that Jesus calls us to live a different kind of life than what this world calls “normal”. Let your Kingdom come!

    We are Resurrection people.

    We believe Jesus suffered unjustly and died a tragic death… but on third day he rose again! Humanity’s worst couldn’t conquer Heaven’s best!

    We are Spirit-led people.

    We believe God’s Spirit is moving in our midst and we seek to respond.

    We are L.U.P.E. people

    We love one another because God first loved us.
    We understand God better by getting to know one another.
    We pray for God’s peace to reign in our lives and our world.
    We encourage one another to be all God made us to be.

    We are The Village!

    Everyone is welcome here. So, grab a latte; share your story; share your gifts; or simply rest in God’s love.

    Come Lord Jesus, come!

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